Important information About gwp temperaments

GWPs are not typical sporting dogs, and many have temperaments that are more like a german working breed (Doberman or Rottweiller) than like a retriever or a setter. Although they like people, they can be very protective of their homes and families. They probably won't let a stranger (or even a friend) into your home when you're not there. And, they may not think it is a game when you play in an agressive manner with the kids--they may feel like they need to protect the kids! We like this aspect of the GWPs a lot. Jodi always feels safe at night when she has a GWP or two in the house. No worries about intruders sneaking in!

GWPs also are not typical sporting dogs because they don't think they need to follow your directions blindly. Because GWPs were bred to work independently in the field when hunting, they are used to making their own decisions, and will weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to do what you tell them. It is important for you to develop a leadership role with your puppy early on, so he respects you as his leader. This doesn't mean being cruel or mean--it means being firm. Raise your puppy like you would a precocious child, and he will happily do whatever you ask (most of the time.) But, if you are permissive, and allow your cute puppy to do what he wants, he will expect to do what he wants as an adult, and will be very difficult to control.

More about Temperaments

Most GWPs have good temperaments, but some do not. Temperaments are very hereditary, which means it is very important to get a dog from a reputable breeder who breeds dogs with solid, stable temperament--an agressive, shy or nervous GWP is not a good family member, or a good hunting dog. If possible, it is always good to meet the dog's parents, or close relatives. If those dogs have the type of temperament you like, than you will probably like a puppy from that line. If the temperaments of the parents or close relatives seem questionable, you would be better off getting a puppy from another line.